Sunday, March 17, 2013

NCECA Houston 2013 gallery guide

In 2 days, I'll be heading for NCECA 2013 with my pal, Kim. I've been studying the official gallery guide, researching the galleries and artists, prioritizing the shows to make the best use of the time. As I have been gathering information, I have used Google Docs to publish it in html format online - freely available to anyone who finds it useful. 

Because there are more shows than I think I can cover in the available time, I intend to skip some of them based on my internet research ... to have more time for the ones of greatest interest to me. I will devise my own tours using public transportation when available, car rental when necessary. 

My prioritization of the shows reflects my own tastes, interests, and limitations. It is not an effort to disparage anyone's work. If I could afford to spend more time in Houston, I would want to see all of the shows.

My guide is rough around the edges, a work-in-progress, ... but it includes useful info not found in the official guide.There are numerous active links to gallery websites, examples of artists' work, interactive maps with directions, tours utilizing public transportation, info about transportation in Houston, and other useful links. There is some material specific to my interests and hotel - but most of it is of general interest.

No doubt, my guide contains errors. I'll do my best to have it in good shape by the time NCECA starts in 2 days.

3 useful links:

Y'all have fun at NCECA.