Awesome Clay

This is a growing collection of links to exciting and inspiring ceramic work.

Each name is a link to an artist's website or the best representation of the person's work I could find. Additional numbered links in square brackets will include one or more albums of images.

I am building this collection for my own education and inspiration. I share it for the purpose of educating and inspiring my visitors. (note below)

Jake Allee [1]
complex construction that is stamped, incised, and pierced

David Morris
large animal-shaped vessels which are smoked and fumed in saggars

Lv Pinchang
powerful sculpture

Carol Long  [12]
Functional porcelain. Cuerda seca decoration with thin lines of trailed slip. The lines of slip define borders which are later filled with colored glaze or slip.

Chris Gryder [1]
one-off silt-cast vessels and wall installations

Deb Schwartzkopf [1]
thrown, altered functional porcelain with subtle glaze decoration

Kyounghwa Oh [1]

Lana Wilson [1, 2]

note regarding copyrighted images

I believe that we are all students of clay, ... that freely sharing information enriches everyone, ... that my inclusion of uncredited copyrighted images serves to educate and promote interest in the artists, the galleries, the field of ceramics, the websites, and the photography. Please contact me if you believe that the display of these images threatens your interests.